Ugh! What is it with boys and they’re aversion to bathing? Is it a battle with yours? When they are younger, we started with a 2-3 times per week rule. As they’ve gotten older, we are trying to transition to every other day. Then (gasp) every day.

Our 12 year old is right at the onset of puberty. Emotions running, hormones churning. No acne or new body hair yet but, whoa, the stinky feet and sweat are there.

So I attempted to have a heart to heart the other day. Tried the light hearted story about the “smelly” kid in school while growing up that all of us had in our class. Problem was, that kid never knew HE was the smelly kid. I told C how I didn’t want him to be the smelly kid. Not sure how that went over.

So we’re kind of resorting to the “dictator-style” of motivation saying “you will or else.” Hopefully the struggle will lessen the further we go.

Has anyone else dealt with this recently? How do you motivate your boys?


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