How do you know you are doing something right as a parent? When your kids go on strike.  


So this week, we implemented Technology Tickets.  This was our solution to the constant frustration we have had with the amount of video games, TV and various technologies our boys have been using to avoid spending time with their family.  Therefore, Monday, we sat down at dinner and announced that from now on, each child would get 5 technology tickets per week. One ticket is worth 30 minutes of technology time and can be used throughout the week. Once they are gone, they are out of technology time until the next Monday.  Of course, when the use of technology (computer, etc) is required for school, we make appropriate exceptions.  


So what happened?  No one used a single ticket for two days.  Suddenly, there was a value to that time and they didn’t want to waste it.  Sure it was hard, but it’s a move that is working for us.  Now they have the option of (GASP!) reading a book, playing a game, going outside or some other creative outlet.  


All was well until Wednesday night.  As soon as the boys got home, they disappeared to the basement for a hour and said they were doing crafts.  A bit later they emerged in protest (see picture above).  They made signs stating “No TT (tech tix) for TV”.  They were protesting the taxing of their TV time.  They had decided among the three of them that TV should be “different”. Needless to say we were amused which was not exactly the response they were hoping for.  Instead, we told them that we would treat this like most protests- we’d come out and say we’d give their concerns some consideration and then, we’ll have them arrested.” 🙂


What they didn’t realize that for an hour, they found a way to entertain themselves.  And it had nothing to do with technology.  Sometimes you have to crawl before you can walk…



2 thoughts on “Kids on Strike

  1. maybe a helpful solution to the problem with chores could be that after supper anyone who had completed their daily chores could earn tv time, either in their rooms or in the basement and those who did not get their chores done could sit in the living room with mom and dad and read. (or something along those lines) In our home tv time is earned by chores being done. Once chores are completed they are allowed 2 hours of tv

  2. I was born in the days WITH OUT TV. I still had chores, AND if I didn’t, Then there was a different alternative and that wasn’t always to great. Early on I learned that the chores was the best alternative. I still love to get things done and then play. But I’m still a growing boy also. Love Y’ll. Gramps.

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